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University of Exeter – Adult Learners

You always thought you couldn’t but something inside you never gave up believing

Benny Clatworthy felt that HE wasn’t right for him at 18, after 20 years as a chef he felt the time was right. Time management helps him juggle having kids and domestic responsibilities alongside studying. Now he’s in it he doesn’t want the experience to end.

Laura Thomas realised that her job wasn’t fulfilling her, so applied to study HE and couldn’t believe she got accepted to three universities, she thought that was all the confirmation she needed, however, she began to believe she could see it through. She never felt like an outsider for being an adult learner after enrolling.

Tiga Davis understands that as an older student you could think there’s not a place for you, she said, in reality it’s more of a mental challenge to overcome than an actual one.

Sophy Creed was unwell in her twenties, and medically retired. Sophie felt that her learning journey however, wasn’t over, she says the technology had moved on but there’s lots of support.

Hazel Banks was diagnosed with a chronic illness, so her health is an obstacle that makes studying more difficult, she says it’s hard and can be demanding, but if you have the motivation you’ll get there.

Don’t think HE is for you? Time to think again:

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Concerned about juggling family life and studying? There are ways to make it work:

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