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Strode College – Adult Learners

You’re never too old – learning is lifelong

Kim is a History, Heritage and Archaeology student at Strode, she says there are so many more mature students that you’d expect. You don’t have to life in student halls you can continue in your life. There is flexibility if you want to go from FT to PT you can, in small institutions your circumstances are taken into consideration. Student finance is available. Different outlook on life – life changing.

Zachary didn’t necessarily want to move away to study at HE, he says you can stay close to home, it doesn’t have to take you away from everything that’s familiar, he also says that life experience is valuable in certain courses like psychology.

Catherine, a Business student and mum of two, was a self-employed business owner so returning to study was about self-progress and setting an example to her children. she recognises that she’s grown in confidence and has valued the available support for her personal wellbeing.

Don’t think HE is for you? Time to think again:

Concerned about juggling family life and studying? There are ways to make it work:


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