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What are the benefits of higher education?

What are the benefits of higher education?

There are numerous benefits to having an HE qualification. As well as increased earning potential, graduates have an advantage in the job market. Studies have also shown that they experience better health throughout their adult life with increased resilience.

Transferable skills

The skills that students develop from being in HE are skills that suit a range of jobs. Because of this, graduates have more career options available to them; they don’t necessarily have to work in the same field that their qualification is in – in fact many don’t.

The transferable skills that HE students develop include:

    • time and project management
    • communication
    • independent and teamwork skills
    • organisation and planning
    • problem solving
    • leadership
    • research skills
    • IT skills

When you combine these skills, it becomes clear why employers value graduates over non-graduates, and why they are able to climb the career ladder faster.

Did you know…?
It’s been estimated that by 2024, half of all jobs will require a higher education qualification of some kind (Universities UK, 2016).

Health, wellbeing and resilience

A lesser-known benefit that graduates enjoy is increased happiness and well-being. Research highlights that graduates tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives than non-graduates.

The same research shows that graduates are typically more resilient and cope better with life’s challenges.

Social benefits

Where we go in life is largely influenced by what and with whom we surround ourselves.

As well as being a fantastic experience, spending three or four years in HE surrounded by people who want to better themselves has long-lasting social benefits for the individual.

Throughout their time in HE, students get to work and socialise with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. As a result, graduates leave higher education with a strong network of friends, mentors and industry contacts.

The benefits that graduates enjoy include:

  • higher earning potential
  • more career options
  • a competitive edge in the job market
  • transferable skills
  • increased happiness and wellbeing
  • increased resilience

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