Find Your Career
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Find Your Career

Plans can change – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but it’s better to have a plan that changes than to have no plan at all.


Why do some people seem to have it all worked out?

Life’s a journey for all of us, and when we’re young we have to make important decisions about our futures. This is easier if you know roughly where you want to end up in life, but what if you don’t? How do you know what GCSEs you should choose? Should you opt for A-levels, a BTEC or an apprenticeship? Will you need a degree one day?

Once you’ve left school, it soon becomes a distant memory as you find yourself on a new journey through the world of work. This is why it’s worth investing a little time in yourself to find more about the kind of career you like to have – getting up each day for a job that you don’t enjoy isn’t going to make you happy. Also, it’s likely that the perfect job for you might be something you’ve never even heard of yet.

Through the job sectors below, you can explore hundreds of jobs and find out more about what’s involved. Try clicking on the tooltips as these will get you thinking about careers from different perspectives – it’s not always about the money!

Job Sectors

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