Find Your Career

Find Your Career

Plans can change – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but it’s better to have a plan that changes than to have no plan at all.


Why do some people seem to have it all worked out?

Life’s a journey for all of us and when we’re young we have to make important decisions about our futures. This is easier if you know roughly where you want to end up in life, but what if you don’t? How do you know what GCSEs you should choose? Should you opt for A-levels or an apprenticeship? Will you need a degree one day? Do yourself a favour and invest a bit of time in finding out more about the kind of career you like to have. The perfect job for you might be something you’ve never even heard of yet.

What can you do?

Through this section, you can explore hundreds of jobs and find out more about what’s involved. Think about the following points:

Working conditions

Going to work every day out is a lot easier if you enjoy the environment that you work in. Some people like working in offices, some like working outside. Would you like a job that involves travelling?


Find out what skills are required for a particular job. That way you can work on developing your own in preparation.

Career progression

After a few years in any job, you’ll likely be thinking about new challenges and a higher salary. When exploring potential careers, look at opportunities for moving up the ladder. It might seem like a long way off, but that day will come.

Entry requirements

This is key! Knowing what qualifications you’ll need for a particular job will really give you something to aim for. It will help you when it comes to making big decisions and will encourage you to focus while at school.