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There are opportunities (in Cornwall) – Ellen Husain

Ellen was always inspired by her Cornish surroundings and knew she wanted to pursue a future in something she loved. She enjoyed art and science at school, but thought it always seemed as though there had to be a choice between the two. Living in Cornwall it never occurred to Ellen that a job in TV was an option but after university She did various marine biology related activities in the UK and abroad which led her to realise the opportunities of combining science with the creative arts.

Ellen volunteered with an underwater cameraman while doing her MSc. research project on the Great Barrier Reef, and started to work with the BBC during her PhD. This just goes to show the importance of immersing yourself in a variety of extra-curricular opportunities!

Name: Ellen Husain
Job: Producer Director in Wildlife Documentaries for the BBC
Studied: BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

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