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Teachers’ Area

As part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP), Next Steps South West aims to increase the number of young people from underrepresented groups in higher education (HE) by 2020.

Target groups and schools and colleges identified by the Office for Students (OfS) represent pupils that have the ability to progress on to higher education, though are unlikely to due to factors such as no one in their family having been before. Target schools and pupils are based on the Office for Students’ POLAR3 and Gaps classification. For further information, click here.

By working closely with target schools and colleges, we tackle the barriers and misconceptions surrounding HE and accessibility, while raising aspirations.

Building upon the success of the National Network for Collaborative Outreach Programme (NNCO), Next Steps South West is comprised of fourteen universities and colleges across the region.

Together, we take an impartial approach to the effective delivery of outreach provision in the region in order to improve the life chances of young people from disadvantaged areas in our region.

More information on the work and activities we do with schools and colleges can be found here; however, additional projects are under development and more will continue to be added in the future.

Video: The data we collect and how we use it. 

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