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Student Life Interview

Year 10 pupils from Plymouth High School for Girls interview a student studying at UoP to get a taste of university life.

On the 4th of July, we interviewed Izzy, a University of Plymouth student on her experience with higher education. We did this as a part of our Work Experience programme with the Next Steps South West Communications team (based at the University of Plymouth). After being given the chance to think of questions and planning how the interview would play out, we were able to access and film at the University of Plymouth campus.



The questioning itself, however,  proved to be remarkably interesting and gave us all a great insight into university living. Our interviewee, Izzy, revealed how your journey through education will not always play out how you would think.

When asked about her experience with university living, she expressed how she was not originally happy with her university accommodation arrangements despite picking what she thought were the most suitable options for flat mates, but she still managed to get past these issues. Making friends and joining clubs are also something she reflected upon as she talks about how she wishes that she had put herself out there more when first starting her course.

Another point we took away from this interview is that it is possible to follow your dreams. When asked about what she thought she would do in the future when she was little, it was clear from her answer that her love for marine life and biology had carried through till this day as she describes how she first thought about studying marine life at the age of 11 and is now studying a Marine Biology course at the university.

Overall, her thoughts about higher education were that  ‘skills in this will give me the tools to find a job’ as well as giving her ‘opportunities at university outside of studying’.

Interview and blog credits to the Students from PHSG that joined the NSSW team for a week of work experience.

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