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Staying in is the new going out

By: Abbie Lewis

Working from home used to be a luxury for many, but now it is a necessity for most.  With the fast-paced changes involved with Covid-19, we find ourselves managing our lifestyles solely at home.

Some find themselves alone getting acquainted with their own company or the technology that provides a lifeline to the outside world. Others are finding themselves juggling the demands of their job role with their newly appointed role of teacher.  Whatever your circumstances, what was once an exciting opportunity has become an ongoing challenge.  Here are our top tips to help you during this time:

  • Create a routine but don’t be too strict with yourself; this will only lead to more stress and the potential to feel failure if you can’t achieve everything. Get up and do the same thing each morning, have meals with members of your household, have a quiet hour, exercise, choose things you would do normally and add them in to your plan for the day.
  • Set yourself boundaries, so you don’t work from 7am to 7pm! Don’t answer that call when your favourite programme is on; you still need to make time for yourself and your family.
  • Communicate effectively; agree with your manager and colleagues the best time and method to communicate. You don’t want to feel isolated, so video calls may help to ease feelings of isolation.

  • If space allows, create yourself an “office” as such.  This can help to separate work from play and give you an opportunity to step away from your daily work life.
  • Keep your spirits up! If you find yourself getting swamped, step back, breathe and reassess. Rome wasn’t built in a day; new situations always take time to adjust to, and this is only temporary. In time, everything will return to normal.


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