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Years 12 & 13 Resources

View digital versions of our teaching and learning resources.

If you would like to order physical versions of any our guides, flyers or posters, feel free to Get in Touch. (*Subject to availability)

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  • Unibuddy: Signing Up

    Unibuddy: Signing Up

    If you're new to our Unibuddy platform, and need a little help getting started, this video is a good place to start.

  • Unibuddy - Chat with Us
    Applying General

    Unibuddy – Chat with Us

    Download or view our digital display poster to find out how students can chat with NSSW staff or ambassadors.

  • COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

    COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

    If you have made an application to continue your study at degree level, or if you are...

  • MADE – Goals and Aspirations Videos

    MADE – Goals and Aspirations Videos

    NSSW has partnered with MADE Training to bring you this online training course. Speak to your head of year for login details.

  • £40.00 Higher Education Travel Card

    £40.00 Higher Education Travel Card

    The Next Steps SW £40.00 Travel Card is available to eligible students who...

  • Partner Podcasts and Resources

    Partner Podcasts and Resources

    Our Uniconnect partners offer all sorts of informative and insightful podcasts and resources. Check them out here.

  • Draw My Life

    Draw My Life

    Our series of Draw My Life videos are designed to inspire young people who are unsure of what they want to do in the future...

  • Discovering Higher Education

    Discovering Higher Education

    You probably have many questions about studying at higher education, and it can often seem daunting at first. There is no need to worry - there are plenty of options for you to explore.

  • Funding your Higher Education

    Funding your Higher Education

    Funding your higher education doesn't have to be scary - there are many options and all sorts of support available to you.

  • Support During Higher Education

    Support During Higher Education

    Many people find starting higher education daunting, but there is plenty of support for you during this transition.

  • Why Study in the South West?

    Why Study in the South West?

    Deciding where to study can be tricky, but there all sorts of reasons why people choose the South West.

  • Quick Start Finance Guide

    Quick Start Finance Guide

    A step-by-step guide through the student finance journey...

  • Introduction to Next Steps South West

    Introduction to Next Steps South West

    Who are Next Steps South West? Watch the video to find out more about what we do to help students across the South West.

  • UCAS Support and Information
    Applying General

    UCAS Support and Information

    The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) don’t just process higher education applications; they also provide advice and support on a wide range of topics through their website.

  • Personal Statements

    Personal Statements

    This session includes practical tips to help you plan and write your UCAS personal statement.

  • UCAS Application

    UCAS Application

    This UCAS Application presentation will provide you with information about the purpose of UCAS, how to explore the site and other...

  • Careerpilot: Transferable Skills Mapping (Post-16)

    Careerpilot: Transferable Skills Mapping (Post-16)

    This Careerpilot session will help you to prepare a UCAS personal statement, CV, cover letter or job application. It will...

  • Student Finance
    Applying General

    Student Finance

    Everything you need to know about Student Finance and delivered by...

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