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Key Stage 3

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  • Choosing Your GCSEs

    Choosing Your GCSEs

    Choosing the right GCSEs can open all sorts of doors in the future, so it's important to make the right decisions.

  • Careerpilot - Online Career Sessions

    Careerpilot – Online Career Sessions

    Tailored to specific year groups, Careerpilot's online sessions help students along every step of the career path.

  • Pathway Planner
    Gatsby 3 Gatsby 8

    Pathway Planner

    The Careerpilot Pathway Planner Tool will allow staff to access resources to help students prepare for guidance...

  • Exams MADE Easy
    General Study Skills

    Exams MADE Easy

    Download to sore or print our Exams MADE Easy offer

  • Future Me

    Future Me

    Download to store or print our Future Me programme for year 9 students.

  • Introduction to HE Lesson Pack

    Introduction to HE Lesson Pack

    This session introduces students to the topic of higher education and why some people choose this route.

  • Careerpilot Jobs & Job Sectors Lesson Pack (Year 9)

    Careerpilot Jobs & Job Sectors Lesson Pack (Year 9)

    A downloadable lesson pack to help year 9 students research  careers and use the tools that assist with pathway planning.

  • My Week of Work
    External Resource

    My Week of Work

    ‘My Week of Work’ comprises of 20 lessons available via Oak National Academy. The lessons have been written by staff...

  • Articulate
    General Study Skills


    Download to store or print our Articulate programme for year 9 students.

  • Level 3 Options

    Level 3 Options

    After you complete your GCSEs, it’s time to specialise. From A-levels to apprenticeships, T-levels to traineeships, pick a post-16 pathway that suits your learning style and interests.

  • Postcard: GCSE Options

    Postcard: GCSE Options

    Make sure you make the right decisions with our handy GCSE Options postcard.

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