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  • Unibuddy - Chat with Us
    Applying General

    Unibuddy – Chat with Us

    Download or view our digital display poster to find out how students can chat with NSSW staff or ambassadors.

  • School & College Programme 2020/21

    School & College Programme 2020/21

    See what Next Steps South West can offer in our latest School & College Programme for 2020/2021

  • Clearing Handbook
    Applying General

    Clearing Handbook

    Make sure you're fully equipped for Clearing 2020 with the latest edition of our useful handbook.

  • Teachers' Guide to University 2021

    Teachers’ Guide to University 2021

    The key higher education facts for school and college staff produced by

  • Exams MADE Easy
    General Study Skills

    Exams MADE Easy

    Download to sore or print our Exams MADE Easy offer

  • Future Me

    Future Me

    Download to store or print our Future Me programme for year 9 students.

  • Parent & Carer 2020 Clearing Handbook
    Applying General

    Parent & Carer 2020 Clearing Handbook

    Find out all you need to know about Clearing so you can provide accurate information and advice to support your child.

  • UCAS Exhibition Guide
    Applying General

    UCAS Exhibition Guide

    This handy guide is designed to help you get the most out of the UCAS Exhibition. It covers everything from tips and advice to...

  • Student Stories – Posters for Schools

    Student Stories – Posters for Schools

    Download and print our Student Story posters for schools

  • Articulate
    General Study Skills


    Download to store or print our Articulate programme for year 9 students.

  • Test

    About Us (NSSW) Poster

    About Us (NSSW) for noticeboards

  • NSSW Welcome Poster

    NSSW Welcome Poster

    NSSW Welcome Poster

  • Let's Talk About HE

    Let’s Talk About HE

    Let's Talk About HE - 4 x Posters (A3)

  • Time away from school - Infographic
    Study Skills

    Time away from school – Infographic

    Running out of things to do at home? Make the most of your time away from school with this list of helpful activities.

  • What is HE?

    What is HE?

    Find out more about the range of higher education qualifications available.

  • Applicant Guide

    Applicant Guide

    Everything you need to know about the process, from research to application

  • Qualifications Chart

    Qualifications Chart

    If you’re beginning to think about higher education, trying to understand the difference between all the qualifications can be confusing. That’s where our chart can help.

  • Level 3 Options

    Level 3 Options

    After you complete your GCSEs, it’s time to specialise. From A-levels to apprenticeships, T-levels to traineeships, pick a post-16 pathway that suits your learning style and interests.

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