Project Lincoln – Moving Image Competition
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Project Lincoln – Moving Image Competition

Calling all students (in higher education)

We want you to design a short video promoting higher education to a target audience of age 15+ students. Your video could look at a particular perceived barrier to higher education such as ‘it costs too much’ Or address issues such as how to apply. Some examples include:

  • Student Life
  • Student Finance
  • Higher Education Myth Busting
  • The difference between school, college, and higher education
Something that promotes higher education. Be creative.

You need to carefully consider your format and audience, as well as the specific issue that will inform your video. We suggest that you research a variety of videos with a similar theme and format. But think outside of the box be inventive.

We suggest that you upload your videos to YouTube/Vimeo or equivalent and make them unsearchable until the competition closes.

Entry requirements

The competition is aimed at groups of up to five.

The competition is aimed at groups studying on a higher Education course.

  • 1st Prize £500 amazon voucher
  • 2nd Prize £100 amazon voucher
  • 3rd Prize 2 prizes of £50 amazon vouchers
How will the videos be judged?

The following information will be used by the judges to decide which project is the winner of the project Lincoln competition, the judges will be the NSSW target audience; sixth form students from local schools:

  • Evidence of original idea – we don’t want you to go on the UCAS website and just copy a video that’s on their we want you to be creative.
  • Is the video suitable for the target audience?
  • Concept – How relevant is the idea in relation to the proposed target audience?
  • Style and approach – Has the video format been considered and used effectively and creatively?
  • Clarity – Have the panel got a clear understanding of what the video being shown to them is about?

Primarily, judges are looking for inspired ideas presented in a way that is convincing, engaging and professional.

Competition rules

Competitors must:

Submit all materials by the competition deadline 1800 on 28th February 2018
Submit your entry to
You must submit two videos one which addresses your idea of higher education and one supporting Vlog as to your reasoning as to why you created what you did.
Ensure that all materials are self-generated and original.
Refrain from including offensive, sexual, political, racist or inflammatory text or images.
When you submit your entry let us know how many people are in your team, where you are studying and let us know your availability for the 21st March.

Awards and showcase

Upon submission of your video you will be invited to the showcase event. At this event sixth form students will see your creation for the first time and will mark your work. All scores will be added up and the winner will be announced. We can support with some transport to the showcase depending on location. If you need support with transport, please let us know when you submit your entry.

This will be on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 1200 till 1500.

Venue: Plymouth University Portland Square Building, Devonport Lecture Theatre

Contact details

For further information or more detailed guidelines, please contact us by email: