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Plymouth Marjon University – Adult Learners

You can change your career it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Steven Britton had to retake his Maths and English to go back to study, realising that he was able to overcome obstacles to HE, to achieve his lifelong ambition of becoming a PE teacher. He never believed it was possible, but asked himself what have I got to loose. Previously he’d thought finances would be an obstacle but then he found out that paying it back is actually reasonable.

Adrian Shaw originally studied Countryside Management a became a Ranger which he did for 27 years, before deciding to study Counselling and Psychotherapy. He found there was a wealth of support, and that there is everything available to help you succeed.

Feel that you don’t have the skills to study at HE? Watch these films:

Worried about the financial implications of returning to study? So were these adult learners:

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