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Careerpilot – Year 9, 10 & KS5

Using Careerpilot’s award-winning website, participants research job sectors and identify transferable skills and experiences, supporting applications for HE and future employment. Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 3 & 7 are covered, but vary for each year group (see below).

What is Careerpilot?

Careerpilot is an online platform offering a wealth of information around job sectors and routes to higher-level study. Its webpages are filled with up-to-date guidance on qualifications, providers, and the labour market – helping students make an informed decision at GCSE, post-16 and post-18 milestones.

We work closely with schools to embed Careerpilot as both a research tool for students, and an analytics tool for staff, using the website’s Reporting Zone to monitor common queries and interests. These reports can further support tutorials, career guidance, and event bookings, by matching students to experiences that align with their career goals. In fact 19 universities throughout the UK currently subscribe to Careerpilot, and during 2017 the site was used by over 420,000 people!

Who are the sessions for, and what are they about?

We offer three Careerpilot sessions, each aligning with a significant stage in the school journey.

Year 9 – Introduction to Careerpilot

A one hour workshop focussed on job sectors and employability skills, making the link between HE and industry. Learners explore entry requirements and pathways, including higher and degree apprenticeships. Outcomes include increased familiarity of labour market information, and knowledge of graduate opportunities.

Gatsby benchmarks: 2, 3 & 7

Year 10 – (Pre-16) My Skills Profile

This exercise encourages learners to conduct self-led research into career options, identifying and evidencing their own transferable skills, and those required by employers. Using a structured framework, learners develop aspiration for identified personal career choices and are able to visualise their next steps.

Gatsby benchmarks 2.1 & 3

Year 12/13/Level 3 – (Post-16) My Skills Profile Review

Our final Careerpilot intervention asks Key stage 5 learners to map their transferable skills and relevant experiences to HE progression routes, using a tailored framework. Students develop their ability to evidence their own skills and successes, leaving better prepared for future FE, HE and job applications.

Gatsby benchmarks 2.2 & 3

Find out more

Check out Careerpilot’s free online tools and resource on their website. For more information or to arrange a booking please contact our team.

You can also see upcoming Careerpilot webinars here. 

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