One-to-One Careers Guidance

One-to-One Careers Guidance

Successful transitions into employment, education and training can be achieved through working closely with young people.

One-to-One Careers Guidance

Target year group: Year 11 (target pupils)

Working with CSW Group (a non-profit social enterprise), we provide personalised careers guidance to target year 11 pupils. Schools also have the option of choosing a preferred provider.

Each session is structured around a systematic template and a dedicated one-to-one session with a trained adviser.

Students are prompted to research job sectors and related study programmes, whilst considering their expected GCSE results and future aspirations.

Each session concludes in an action plan, containing clear goals and a checklist tailored to the individual. By identifying challenges, flagging additional support and encouraging self-reflection, we can be confident each target student leaves empowered to begin their journey to HE.

How to book or find out more

To book one-to-one careers guidance sessions for your pupils, or if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch by phone or email.

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