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£40 Higher Education Travel Card Application

£40 Higher Education Travel Card Application

  • LAST CHANCE TO APPLY - Applications must be approved by a member of school/college staff and submitted using the form below by Friday 8th July.

    Cards are valid for 12 months, so apply now for Open/Applicant Days next year!

    £40.00 Higher Education Virtual Travel Card Application

    The Next Steps South West Virtual Travel Card is available to students who wish to attend an on-campus Higher Education event such as an interview or an open day.
    This offer is available to Key Stage 5 and Level 3 students in Next Steps South West target schools and colleges.

    What is a virtual (digital) card?

    A virtual, or digital travel card is an online, digital representation of any plastic card. Like a traditional credit, debit, or prepaid card, a virtual card allows users to purchase services or goods online. The advantage for you is that can use their card immediately. No need to wait for a traditional card to be sent in the mail. As soon as the card is created and funds loaded, you will receive an email with instructions on retrieving the new card details.

    How does a virtual (digital) card work?

    Your virtual travel card is an online e-money card consisting of a standard card number, expiry date and CVV number, which you can retrieve at any time by choosing ‘Display Card Image’ from the cardholder dashboard. You can use your virtual card details to make purchases online or over the phone at millions of businesses and retailors. You cannot use your virtual card details to make in-person payments in a shop or to withdraw the cash from an ATM.

    How we process your application

    In order to assess your eligibility to receive a Travel Card, we need to collect some personal data from you. This data will be your title, name, a date of birth, a home address and postcode and a personal email address. You will also need to provide the details of your school or college so that we can contact them to authorise your application. If your application is successful we will use the email address provided to send your virtual travel card. Please ensure this email is correct as failure to do so may result in the loss of your card. We aim to process your application within 10 days. Please be aware we can only issue one Travel Card per student, per academic year. If you have already received a Travel Card from us we cannot issue another.

    Keeping a record of your application

    If you are eligible for a Virtual Travel Card, we will also keep a record of your application in the NSSW HEAT database, this will include your name, date of birth, postcode and the name of your school or college. We will not share your personal information with any third parties, and all data will be kept safe and secure in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 for the duration of the Next Steps South West project.

  • Your Details

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  • Please note that the travel card offer is only available to students in Key Stage 5. If your school does not have a sixth-form, it will not be on the list.
  • In order to protect your data, please ensure that you have selected the correct school from the list.
  • Your Higher Education Application

    Please complete below for your preferred UCAS choice
  • For example BA History
  • Please indicate the purpose of your visit. If other, please specify
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