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HE Knowledge Hub Podcast: Cost of Living


How is the cost of living affecting students? Find out what can you do to thrive as well as survive in this special episode of the HE Knowledge Hub Podcast.

The Office for Students published an article entitled: Universities take steps to address cost of living as poll highlights impact on students, (read more about it here) so we thought we’d speak to a student about what all this means in real terms, and how it affects their day-to-day life.

Caroline Millan a post graduate marine biology masters student at University of Plymouth agreed to speak to us. As a student for over four years she is perfectly qualified to talk about how the ‘cost of living crisis’ has affected students, although we should point out Caroline can’t speak for all students, her answers to the questions we asked are her own views and can’t represent all students. We’re not just going to talk about the difficulties, but what students can do to feel empowered about not just surviving but thriving in the current economic climate.

*According to the Guardian…“Universities in England and Wales are doubling or tripling their hardship funds in anticipation of “unprecedented” demand from students struggling with the cost of living, amid fears of widespread dropouts unless ministers offer more support”.

Read Caroline’s blog piece for details and links for organisations and places that offer discounts for students and for more money saving tips.

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