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G7 & Y7 Summit: Job Sectors and the Sustainable Environment


G7 & Y7 Summit: Job Sectors and the Sustainable Environment

In readiness for the G7 Summit, NSSW have been working with students to investigate roles that enable you to complete jobs whilst also actively caring for the planet. These two messages have been submitted to the G7 and Y7 summits.

Following that are interviews and additional information linked to explain careers in Sustainable Environments and the HE pathway that will lead you there.


  • Group Statement from students of Richard Lander School (video)
  • Group Statement from students of Fowey River Academy (audio)
  • HE Knowledge Hub Podcast: G7 Summit Special (2 parts)
  • Y7 delegates Environmental Politics
  • Plymouth Marine Laboratories – Marine Ecologist
  • The Eden Project – Education Roles
  • The 365 swim challengeVoluntary Roles and Personal Impact
  • The 2 min Beach clean – Land Conservation Roles
  • PCA Academic Sustainable Fashion and the Role of the Arts in Conservation
  • Tide – Use of Film & Photography to Raise Awareness
  • Chief media officer at Bauer  Journalism
  • AECOM  Civil Engineering and Conservation
  • The Seal Project Youth Ambassador Experience & Marine Mammal Conservation

Group Statement from students of Richard Lander School

Group Statement from students of Fowey River Academy

HE Knowledge Hub Podcast

Part 1: Listen to interview highlights from a variety of professionals and conservationists who have helped the student team in forming specific ideas relating to the environmental elements of this year’s Summit. It concludes with suggested areas of focus for our G7 leadership.

Part 2: This podcast looks closely at the Y7 and the importance of including youth voice in decision making. If you are interested in being part of a similar group in the future, listen to the experiences of the Y7 and understand how powerful your opinion can be.

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Listen to the full-interviews below

Y7 Delegates

Sophie Daud

Sophie Daud, CEO of Future Leaders Network and Chair of the Y7 summit 2021, speaking about how she originally became involved in Y7 events, climate change in relation to the Y7 and G7, and getting to interview Boris Johnson.


Rachele de Angelis

Rachele de Angelis, Chair of the Italian Y7 delegation, speaking about her choices at HE alongside her passion for the environment, her aims for the Y7 and G7, and how her opinions have changed throughout her career.


Anna Harris

Anna Harris, Co-chair of the Implementation Taskforce for the 2021 Y7, speaking about youth voice, the impact of the Y7 on the G7 and starting a career in international relations.

Download: Environmental Politics: Degree Pathways

Marine Ecologist, Dr Liz Talbot (Plymouth Marine Laboratories)

Dr Liz Talbot, Marine Ecologist at Plymouth Marine Laboratories, speaking about her work with animals in artificial light, her career choices, and how we should overcome the destruction of the coastal environment.

Download: Marine Biology: Degree Pathways

The Eden Project with Bran Howell

Bran Howell, Senior Education Officer at the Eden Project, speaking about his passion for the environment, wellbeing, education and the role of the Eden Project in the South West.

Part 1


Part 2

Download: Education: Degree Pathways

The 365 Swim Challenge with Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas, founder of the 365 swim challenge, speaking about the impact of outdoor activities on mental health, preservation of the Cornish coastline and local crabbing and fishing activity.

Download: Marine Biology: Degree Pathways

The 2 minute Beach Clean with Claire Giner

Claire Giner, Campaign Manager for 2 minute beach clean, speaking about public recognition of environmental issues, the impact of tourism and what young people can do in their local issues.

Download: Land Conservation: Degree Pathways

The Arts and Environmentalism with Dr Natalia Eernstman (Plymouth College of Art)

Dr Natalia Eernstman, Senior Lecturer and Subject Tutor at Plymouth College of Art, speaking about art as a way of addressing eco-anxiety, how science can interact with art, and her hopes for the future.

Download: Sustainable Fashion: Degree Pathways

Tide with Duncan Kenny

Duncan Kenny, founder of Tide Coastal Conservation, speaking about what inspired him to be involved in coastal preservation, the role of local organisations in comparison to national projects and investment in offshore technologies.

Watch: Grey Seal/Wild Swim

Chief Media Officer at Bauer Media

Michelle, Chief Media Officer at Bauer Media, speaking about what it is to be a media journalist and whether it is the career for you.

Download: Media and Journalism: Degree Pathways

AECOM with Ryan Putt

Ryan Putt, Environmental Consultant for AECOM’s Environment and Sustainability Team, speaking about how his experience in Higher Education led him to his career path, what role an environmental consultant has in local planning and the role the government has in making sustainability more achievable.

Download: Civil Engineering & Planning: Degree Pathways

The Seal Project with Sarah Greenslade

Sarah Greenslade, co-founder of the Seal Project, speaking about how she got involved in seal conservation, the problem of litter in the local environment, the importance of education in raising awareness and her personal experiences with researching and recognising seal populations.

Sign up: If you’d like to gain transferable skills, head to this link to volunteer: Youth Ambassadors

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