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Why Would You? – Year 10

Why Would You? – Year 10

Stimulating and innovative, ‘Why Would You?’ provides relatable personas in a theatrical format, capturing the imagination of young people and supporting their future HE decision-making.

What is it?

‘Why Would You?’ is a thought-provoking stage production created by The Barbican Theatre. The performance presents three relatable characters, each with their own unique concerns and motivations. Audiences follow their journey through the education system, and begin to compare the staged scenarios with their own personal circumstances. Themes covered include; perceptions of peers and influencers, qualification levels, funding, accommodation and more.

Who is it for and what’s involved?

‘Why Would You?’ is designed for Year 10 students, and open to whole year groups. Capacity is based on the local venue size and sometimes will involve multiple schools at a time.

The performance lasts one hour, and is followed by a further one-hour participatory workshop for up to 30 target students (2 hours total). This follow-up provides target students with a forum to discuss and investigate the themes raised, delving deeper into the barriers each character faced and identifying pathways to success. Learners are encouraged to advise each character on their next steps, creating a template for their own self-analysis.

For those who did not see the play, a short film can be shown in advance of the workshop to introduce the key themes communicated in the production.

Find out more

To discuss further or arrange a booking please get in touch with our team by phone or email.

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