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What to expect during your first week of University

By: Susmi Benny

What to expect during your first week of University

Large group of college students paying attention during a class in amphitheater.

I can still remember the bundle of emotions I felt starting university – excited, scared, and very very stressed. It’s definitely different from secondary school or college where there’s less of an emphasis on the “student life”.

Typically, the first week or two, known as freshers’ week, won’t have any proper lectures or workshops. It’s spent getting you set up to start your classes and meeting new people.

The admin and the paperwork

Whichever university you decide to attend, they’ll usually send out emails and letters the months and weeks before you start with information about freshers’ week, your course induction, and how to prepare for your arrival on campus.

On your arrival, the emails will be more on getting your login sorted, getting your university card, and accessing your timetable.

It will be very busy, so make sure you collate all the information you’ve received into one place and create a checklist of all the documents you need to bring with you, like your passport. Time to buy a new planner, anyone?

The campus

It’s really weird when you are on campus for the first time as a student. It seems like its own city! This is why it’s definitely time to explore it, so you’re not looking around confusingly after each lecture.

Some universities offer campus tours, but I think the best way is to grab a map and explore it yourself. Maybe invite someone else along. Make sure you know the main facilities on campus, like the library, and where you’ll find fresher activities.

Fresher’s week

I think freshers’ week is the highlight of university life. It’s where you meet a lot of people (and hopefully a few new friends), try out new things and get a taste of what your uni can offer you. You can get free food while checking out the societies and clubs the uni has. You can join in with day and night events, and did I mention the free food!

Course induction

With all this exciting stuff going on, I can’t forget your course induction week. This varies depending on the course and university but you’ll usually get the opportunity to talk to your classmates, meet some of your lecturers and get to know the buildings and rooms you’ll be based in for most of your uni years.

This also gives you a chance to raise any doubts you have before you start your classes.

Just remember, everyone is in the same boat, and though it can feel like you’ll never fit it, you’ll be surprised at how normal it soon becomes.

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