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International Opportunities

By: Grace Parish

G’day mate! My name’s Grace and I’m currently in the third year of my degree…in Brisbane, Australia!

I am studying Business and Management with International Study with the University of Exeter. I have absolutely loved my time at University so far and cannot recommend higher education enough!

The best part of my degree so far has definitely been my study abroad year. Many universities are now offering the opportunity to study overseas, or to complete a work placement as part of their courses, and the options are endless! From Paris to Taiwan, I had the option to go anywhere in the world for my third year to study at one of Exeter’s partner universities. I chose Queensland University of Technology in Australia and have lived here since July 2019. Not only have I been able to deepen my knowledge by taking further modules at another university, but I’ve also been able to travel Australia, New Zealand and Asia in the holidays, as well as making friends for life from all over the world. The friends I have made at university really have made my experience so great.

The social element of uni is such a huge part of student life, and the opportunities to make new friends never end! Societies and clubs are the perfect way to meet people with similar interests to you. Most universities will have hundreds of different societies to choose from – with even some weird and wacky ones like the Taylor Swift Society or the Nerf Gun Society!

I am a member of Exeter Uni Surf Club, which involves weekly surfing trips around Devon and Cornwall, weekly socials and even yearly trips to Morocco and Portugal are on offer. The best thing about societies is that you don’t need to be an expert. I could barely stand up on a board when I first joined, but learning (or falling off a lot!) with other people is all part of the fun.

I am also a part of Business and Finance Society, where I am able to meet people on my course, as well as attend lots of career events and employer presentations that are helping me plan my life after Uni.

So you might be wondering what exactly a typical day in a working week looks like for me? I have an average of 1-2 lectures a day, which are usually 2 hours long, and 1 hour long tutorial or seminar a day. I also often have tutor meetings, careers events and assignments to work on in between these.

One of the things I enjoyed most when I started uni was how I am able to design my own schedule, and to work how and when I like, unlike at school. Adjusting can be hard at first – suddenly having to do things like cook, shop and clean for yourself can seem like a lot to juggle, but everyone is in the same situation and learning together is all part of the fun. The cooking fails at the start of first year are quite a spectacle!

I lived in student accommodation during my first year, in a flat of 12 people. Living in halls is the perfect way to immerse yourself into student life and make lots of friends! I then decided to live with four of my friends from halls in the second year, in a student house in Exeter.

Living with friends is by far one of the most memorable aspects of uni life for me, and is a great support network to have if I ever feel a tiny bit homesick. In Brisbane, I am currently living in a house with 22 people over 6 different nationalities! This has really opened my eyes to different cultures around from the world, and I have even learned to cook some traditional French meals!

Taking the plunge into higher education and the opportunities that it presents has meant that I’ve never looked back!

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