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My Journey to Earth (Station Manager)

By: Amelia, Earth Station Manager

Hi, I’m Amelia.

I grew up in New Zealand where I studied English, Art history, History, Classic, Design and Painting at school. As an adult, I attended Victoria University of Wellington, and graduated in 2002 with a degree in English, Art History and Film BCA (Commerce) in Marketing and Economic History.

Overseas experience

I left university with the intention of working in the Art’s industry; however, after moving to the UK for an overseas experience (OE), my path began to change. Many Kiwis take up work in bars and restaurants, but I ended up applying for the role of personal assistant for a company called Avanti, a satellite technology company. Through working with Avanti, I got to travel and work at Goonhilly, as they have an office there.

The experience really ignited my passion for space, and this shone through in my work. Although I wasn’t qualified in this area, my passion and determination to succeed was noticed by my peers, and this eventually led to me landing the role of Earth Station Manager at Goonhilly. I have since gone on to be promoted to Project Manager at Goonhilly.

How did higher education help my career?

For me, studying at university taught me to think independently, and think outside the box. It also enabled me to develop a range of transferable skills that I could use in any industry, such as project management and organisation (just to name a few!).

Without these skills, and the confidence I gained from higher education, I wouldn’t have been in a position to receive or take these opportunities.

My advice to you

Don’t rush to grow up too quickly! Relax and enjoy being young! You might not know what you are going to be when you grow up, but try new things to find out what you are passionate about.


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