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70% of students wish they had known this before heading off to uni.

By: Bill Thrall

Picture this

You’ve packed your bags and headed off to university; You’ve made some new friends and settled in to your accommodation. Freshers’ Week has been and gone (and it was awesome!). Lectures are going well, and you’ve adjusted to your new life. It’s all going to plan! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, according to the latest Student Money Survey, there’s one thing that 70% of students wish they had learned to do better: manage their finances.

Money Matters

Living on a student loan can be a challenge, but learning how to manage your money before you arrive at university can make a huge difference to your whole experience of being an undergraduate.

Forward thinking

If you’re able to get some summer savings together before you go, you’re going to put yourself in good stead for the year ahead, but there are other things you can do as a student to save money throughout your time in HE.

The article ‘Spend It Well’ by Student Money Matters offers all sorts of tips and advice that will ensure your budget stretches as far as it needs to.



Read the full article here (on page 18)

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